Hostgator Coupons October 2015

Hostgator Coupons October 2015 – the top October 2015 hostgator coupon codes. Save 80% on hostgator webhosting.

Needless to say, HostGator is one of the top, most popular, most used and recognizable web hosting service there is in the market today. It was founded back in the year 2002 in a college dorm by the one and only Brent Oxley. Over the years the hosting service has been on a rising curve, growing from a one man operation to a company with the ability to employ hundreds of employees. But what has earned HostGator such a high ranking?


Hostgator Coupons October 2015

Hosting package
HostGator provides flexibility with its three shared hosting plans. These are Business, Baby and Hatchling. They differ in a variety of ways and are designed to meet the different needs of businesses available.

Both Baby and Hatchling plans have the basic unlimited hosting feature. The only difference is that with the Hatchling plan, one only has a single domain hosted and cannot have a dedicated IP. With the Business plan on the other hand, you have lots of additional features inclusive of a free dedicated IP, a private SSL.

The hosting plans also differ in prices as well. Not to worry though as to help you afford them there are numerous HostGator discount coupons available all over the internet.
To choose between the plans, consider the needs that your business has. Does it need multiple domains, a free toll number or a private SSL? The great thing about the hosting plans is the fact that you can upgrade from the Hatchling plan to Baby and Business plan as your business grows.

HostGator also features a 45 days money back guarantee giving you back your monthly cost back in the event you are not pleased with the service.

Support and help
While it is relatively simple and easy to use, not requiring you to spend countless hours to find your way around, it provides you with a great service support for those rare time when you will get stuck with the technical stuff.

They make available FAQs, forums and video tutorials that you can read through and watch. In the event the problem you are experiencing is not covered in these support systems, you can get through to them via Email, toll free telephone and live chat. But it would mean nothing to have all these support avenues and take ages to respond. As such, HostGator strive to ensure that they have a very fast response time.

Control panel
In the web hosting world, free trials are not as common as one would think. With HostGator control panel demos and site builder, it is as close as you will get. You have the chance to test out the cPanel as you figure out the administrative controls you have and just how they will work for your site. The site builder demo has templates that make site designing a breeze.

With HostGator, there is no need to worry about spam as it makes available Spam Assassin with all its hosting packages. This is a powerful program that helps to protect against spam (unwanted emails from your inbox) also available SSL services, either shared or private which helps to keep confidential data such as credit financials. It does this by encrypting the data.

Truly, HostGator is rich in features and is highly flexible. While it may be lacking in a few areas, many of its clients have lots of positive things to say about it. It is definitely a service to use.

Bluehost Coupons 2016

Bluehost Coupons 2016 – save big on bluehost webhosting. Use this bluehost coupon 2016 and get a 50% bluehost webhosting discount.

Bluehost remains the favorite webhosting solution for many web owners because of its great hosting plans. It provides three hosting plans which are affordable and offer a lot of help to end users. All the hosting plans are effective because they are all geared towards helping site owners to meet their goals. The three Bluehost webhosting plans include the starter package, plus package and the business pros package. This article offers detailed information on the three plans and why they are the best according to your specific website needs.


Starter package

Starter package is the cheapest and smallest shared hosting package you can get from Bluehost. This is a perfect package with a lot of features and just cost $ 3.29 per month for a package of three years with this unique sign up link. This package offers you an opportunity to host a single website. The starter package provides 100GB bandwidth per month, which is more than enough to run your site on shared hosting. It does not come with Cloudflare CDN provided by Bluehost, but the good thing is that you have the opportunity to sign up directly for CloudFlare and incorporate free CDN. This makes it easy for you to reduce the bandwidth of your web hosting account to a large extent. If you are planning to host a single website and you do not have any plans to add extra websites in the future, I highly recommend this plan to you because it will offer you the best experience.

Bluehost Coupon 2016

Plus package

This is the most popular Bluehost Webhosting Plan. It has a lot of features and provides everything offered by the starter package. In addition, you get unlimited domain hosting, free marketing coupons and free CDN. The marketing coupons provided are free Adwords Coupon and Facebook Ads Coupon that you can use to promote your site. Plus package comes with one free domain which will help you save money. With this discount link, the price for the package is $ 5.95 per month, but without, it costs $ 9.99 per month. In order to save on your hosting bill, it is advisable to buy it for a minimum of two to three years.

Business Pro package

This Bluehost plan targets businesses hosting their website on shared hosting, and looking to have more additional features. The package is highly recommended for those who require SSL certificate and dedicated I.P. In addition to the free domain you get, you also receive guard which hides your domain contact details to the world.

Choosing the right plan for you

All the plans offered by Bluehost are perfect and they will serve you effectively depending on your needs. If you run one website you need to choose the starter package and if you have more websites you should select the plus package. If you require dedicated I.P and SSL, the Business Pro Package will be the perfect for you. Having experienced all the plans offered, I rate each of them 5/5 because they will serve you perfectly.